Weight Loss Motivation 101:
How to Get Motivation to Lose Weight…
…And Make It Last

Losing weight is a tough gig. Overweight Woman Riding Exercise Bike

90% of people who attempt to lose weight fail and out of those who succeed, 95% relapse.

Getting weight loss motivation isn’t that difficult, the hard part is keeping it.

The following guides will show you how to get lasting motivation to lose weight by helping you understand how your own mind sabotages your progress.

Getting Started: 
How To Get Weight Loss Motivation The Right Way

Have you ever tried to visualise your ideal body? Used a motivational screen saver or tried to use sheer willpower to improve your weight loss motivation?

In this definitive guide you’ll learn the biggest weight loss motivation myths and what science has shown to actually work.

Every been really good with your diet and exercise regime, made one mistake then binged like no tomorrow and felt guilty? This is what’s called ‘all or nothing thinking.’

It’s a symptom of perfectionism. Learn how to overcome your diet perfectionism in this article.

The words we use with ourselves can drastically affect our weight loss motivation attempts. In this guide you’ll learn how to reframe dieting terminology to reduce the stress of dieting using a method called ‘cognitive reframing.’

Everyone from the military to Apple employees use this technique to great effect.

Do you keep putting off going to the gym? You always tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow but tomorrow comes and put it off again. You have to check out this article, it explains the reasons behind our actions and how to motivate ourselves to do the right thing.

Bonus: I’ve created a motivational video for everyone wanting to improve their weight loss motivation and get in the best shape of their lives. So far it’s had over 108,000 views. If this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.

And there’s more to come…

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