Enhance Your Life With Positive Psychology

Positive psychology combines the charisma and practicality of self-help but adds the rigour of academia.

Positive psychology, or sometimes called strength psychology, is a relatively new field. For so long psychology only studied the problems with the mind. The rationale was that if we better understood how depression, schizophrenia and other mental illness worked, we could use this information to become happier. It didn\’t work.

Positive psychology focuses on the strengths of the mind. It\’s about finding the most successful people in a particular field, finding out how they \”tick\” and sharing that information with the world. Positive psychology is about what works.

My goal in writing this article is not to dryly list lucid dreaming techniques for you to glance over. I want you to have a lucid dream — tonight or this week. The more your unconscious is filled with thoughts of lucid dreams, the more you’re likely to have one. So before I provide you with the best scientific lucid dreaming techniques, I want to tell you quickly about one of the greatest dreamers ever to have lived.

How to Design The Perfect Daily Routine

In this article, I will teach you how to track everything you do and then restructure your activities in the optimal way. You will learn the best way to end procrastination and develop the right habits such as meditation, exercise, and learning so that you can grow every day. You will learn how to work diligently on that which gives you meaning and reward yourself accordingly with pleasure. In this way, your habits will truly stick and fundamental changes in your day-to-day experience will be inevitable.

I have a confession to make… I had heard about some of the benefits of meditation, but I don’t meditate every day. I go through cycles of meditating 20 minutes a day and then slowly ‘forget’ and slide into not meditating until I feel I need to — until I feel like crap. Sound familiar? But recently [...]

Abraham Maslow is the grandfather of positive psychology. He was one of the first prominent thinkers to urge us to look at the best in society and learn from them. Maslow’s most famous contribution to the field of positive psychology is his ‘hierarchy of needs.’ It’s a diagram illustrating the hierarchy of a meaningful life. He built each criterion on top of [...]

In the 1960s, the average age for the onset of depression was 29. Today the average age for the onset of depression is 14. A lot of this, I believe, is down to societies new obsession with productivity. Doing more in less time, so we can do more in the time we save seems like a wonderful idea. And it is if you don’t mind being depressed.

Anti-smoking ads are everywhere. The government puts them on every cigarette packet and spend millions creating clever television campaigns to enlighten us about the associated health problems. They show us, often graphically, how smoking clogs our arteries, turns our lungs black, and causes our cells to mutate. Undoubtedly, they teach us about the dangers of [...]

Bear Grylls became a member of the prestigious Special Air Service (SAS) on his second try at selection. During a free-falling training mission in Africa, Bear had a near-fatal accident where he broke his back. Eighteen months later he climbed Everest. He was twenty-three. This is Bear Grylls’ advice on getting out of your comfort zone: (It also [...]

There are two types of envy. The first type psychologists label “malicious envy.” It was this type philosopher Bertrand Russell was referring to when he said “Envy was the most potent cause of unhappiness,” in humans. The second type, ‘benign envy’, the one we want, was what Russell believed was the “Driving force behind the movement towards democracy.” The philosopher Alain de Botton agrees that the benign type has motivational benefits. In this post we learn how to get the better of envy by allowing envy to get the best out of us.

“The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men” – George Elliott We all know the feeling… We start a diet, and we stick to it PERFECTLY. Then suddenly temptation gets the better of us… …we eat ONE bad thing and BOOM. We binge like there’s no tomorrow [...]

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