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Anything you want to learn about body recomposition? Do you want to lose fat, gain muscle? Avoid mistakes? Cut your learning curve?

You\’re in the right place.

We don’t want to be healthy. We want to be SUPER healthy. We don’t just want to score well on our medical tests; we want to be the best the doctors have ever measured. Good enough just isn’t good enough anymore. We all want to be OPTIMAL. This need to be optimal is just a [...]

That guy who thinks he’s 16% body fat but is actually 26% will never get those washboard abs from his eight-week magazine diet, no matter how motivated he is. And when the eight weeks are over, and he realises he still has another 30 pounds to lose, how resigned do you think he’s going to feel? And we wonder why 90% of dieters fail… Don’t make this mistake.

“You are worth about 3 dollars worth in chemicals.” ― Carl Sagan It’s very trendy nowadays for people in the fitness community to talk about metabolism. “Lose fat by boosting your metabolism!” “Don’t diet, just improve your metabolism!” “The 8 foods that supercharge your metabolism!” And so on and so forth. We’ve all seen the magazine covers. When it’s [...]

Apple are the sh*t. They innovate. They advance. They set trends. If you happen to disagree and don’t like their world-changing products such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macintosh… …You’d still have to acknowledge that they’re the most profitable retailers on the entire planet… because they are.  But what’s that got to do with weight [...]

Have you ever tried any of the following to get motivation to lose weight: Visualised your ideal body? Used a motivational wallpaper? Written out your goals? Beaten yourself up after binging? Tried improving your willpower? Obsessed over the right diet? If you have, you’re not alone. Mainstream self-help dieting books endorse these types of behaviours. The [...]

Imagine this scenario: Your DOCTOR diagnoses you with a life-threatening illness. The only treatment, he says, is “brain surgery.” Panic stricken, you visit a different doctor for a second opinion. It turns out the first doctor was right about the illness but wrong about the treatment. “Antibiotics will suffice.” Do you see where this is going? [...]

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